How To Create bKash Accaunt From bKash App

How To Create bKash Accaunt  From bKash App

How to create bkash accaunt from bkash app

How To Create bKash Accaunt?

Hello friends,

today i will show you how to crated bkash accaunt on bkash app.
Lets start....

Frist you need to download bkash app 

then open this apps and click log in/registretion option.
now you put your phone number.
bKash team send a verification code to your number.
put this code and next.
then send your NID Card 1st Part and continue to 2nd part.

Then you need to confirm.

bKash team review your document and send a pin code in 48 hours .
then you change your bkash pin.

Video Tutorial

Thank You
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